Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | By: Melody Joy King

Midnight Musings

Welp here it is 2:30AM and I am wide awake. I do not know what the purpose of all this insomnia is, but I am trying to make the most of it........I know that most of you have probably never heard of Meredith Andrews' music, but I had the privilege of discoverig it at an Aaron Shust concert I went to where she along with Brandon Heath opened the show. To say that her music has blessed me would be an understatement. As I sit here typing this I am listening to my favorite song of hers "Draw Me Nearer" that I posted the lyrics for on here a while back. Anyway, God has gifted this woman greatly and her music is poweful and a great blessing. If you ever get the chance to check it out, you should, her album is called "The Invitation" and is available online or at most Chrstian bookstores. A song of hers that has blessed me tonight is called "The New Song We Sing" and is surprise, surprise about redemption, my favorite subject! I thought I would share it with you.......

"You are the God who reconciles the wayward heart through Christ. The old has gone, the new has come, we are reconciled by love, We are reconciled by love

And this is the new song we sing To the king of heaven This is the new song we bring After all you’ve given We stand before you redeemed As your children This is the new song we sing

We who were once so far away are brought near by Your blood The barrier has been destroyed By Your grace we freely come, by Your grace we freely come

We live in You, we live for you We live to you our king We stand in You, we stand for You We stand as your redeemed ‘Your redeemed!’