Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | By: Melody Joy King


"The practice of godliness is first of all the cultivation of a relationship with God, and from this the cultivation of a life that is pleasing to God. Our concept of God and our relationship with Him determine our conduct. Devotion to God consists of three essential elements: The fear of God, the love of God, and the desire for God."

"The reverent, godly Christian sees God first in His transcendent glory, majesty, and holiness, before He sees Him in His love, mercy, and grace."

"In our day we seem to have magnified the love of God almost to the exclusion of the fear of God. Because of this preoccupation, we are not honoring God and reverencing Him as we should.

"Only the God-fearing Christian can truly appreciate the love of God. He sees the infinite gulf between a holy God and a sinful creature, and the the love that bridged that gulf through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ."

~ Jerry Bridges ~ The Practice of Godliness