Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | By: Melody Joy King

Oh Pregnancy, you can be gross & hilarious...

Welp, I am officially halfway through my very first pregnancy. This of course hardly makes me an expert, but I have gained a few funny stories along the way. ;0) Please STOP reading now if you are easily grossed out and/or have a weak stomach. :0P During my first trimester, I threw up...a LOT. I think I became somewhat of a pro at it, lol. There were many times I would cook dinner, take 2-3 bites then be racing for the bathroom. I also learned that sometimes when feeling nauseous while prego, you might as well just go stare at the toilet until you throw up. It expedites the inevitable process, and you feel so much better afterward. The only upside to all this "morning" sickness is that I lost ten pounds. I figure that can't be all bad, since you're supposed to gain 25-35 pounds throughout the course of your pregnancy. I figured this would help me not gain too much weight in the long run. Thankfully, now that I am well into my second trimester, I am a lot less sick, and I'm feeling better all the time. This brings me to the most hilarious (and gross) thing that has happened to me during this pregnancy. I was at my parent's house last week, and was having much difficulty with my spring allergies. I was sneezing really hard quite often. At one point I sneezed so hard that I ended up with a little bit of pee running down my leg. I was shocked at first and then just started laughing really hard. How can something be so gross and so embarrassing, but so hilarious all at the same time? I am just REALLY thankful that I wasn't out in public somewhere! I can only imagine what my 3rd trimester is going to be like! Now I realize many of you may not share my humor or find any of this funny....perhaps you can chalk the fact that I do up to my having 5 brothers and nannying 3 boys for a living. :0P