Sunday, May 4, 2008 | By: Melody Joy King


I just started reading a book by Sheila Walsh called "Gifts For Your Soul." I am only four brief chapters in, and I have already been very blessed, challenged, convicted and encouraged. Here are some thoughts on gratitude that have really stuck with me....

"We all have losses in our lives. But if we choose to feast on them every day, they numb our souls to the good with which God has gifted us."

"You hace a choice. You can spend your life being angry at what you did not get out of life or you can count your blessings for what you have."

"We can choose to remain in a sleepy sluggish state regretting what is not, or we can become alive and fully awake to what is good and true about our lives."

"Cultivating gratitude removes us from being victims to being free to love and act as we are called to do"

"I know that life can be hard sometimes, and I encourage you to take time to grieve your losses, but do not be defined by them. Use them by the grace and strength of God as stepping stones to a deeper life, a life of peace, a life lived with a thankful heart."