Tuesday, September 14, 2010 | By: Melody Joy King

What's The Matter With You?

Trials come in our lives and trials go,

Some stay forever, ya know.

You wake each morn with a new day before you,

Yes, full of promise but full of trouble too.

But what's the matter with you?

Is your God dead?Has He forsaken you?

His promise unkept?

Where has He gone in your time of need

and utter helplessness?

Is His Word only true when times are good?

Does His love for you depend on who you are?

or what you've done for Him?

You never know what a day may bring forth

Most times it's better that you don't;

We should learn to take each day just as it comes,

For as our days go, so shall our strength become.

~Sandi Francis 1982

My Mom had just found out she was pregnant w/ me when she wrote this. My two older brothers who are twins were just 1 year old, and had had a rough first year health wise. The Doctor also told her at her/my first ultra sound that there were at least two babies in her womb, possibly 3. (This was based soley on heartbeat, technology has come a LOOOOONG way since 1982 folks! :0) She was feeling slightly overwhelmed with so much going on. I don't know about you, but I can relate to this song on more than one level. :0)

"When my heart is faint within me, when my eyes can't see the way,

when hope seems to elude me and the night becomes my day.

I am overcome with anguish much too heavy to relieve;

He's the only One who stands there close enough for me to reach.

I am tired and I am weary of this journey that I'm on;

It's confusing and it's painful and it's taking much too long.

If I could see through to the ending, if I knew all that would be;

Would I find that I am happier? Would it matter much to me?

Life is never as you plan it, there are turns and curves thrown in;

but the bottom line is KNOWING I am better off WITH Him!"

~ Midnight Musings, Sandi Francis, (aka, my Mom) 1998