Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | By: Melody Joy King

Oh My Gracious Heavens!

So, our dear friends, Dave & Debby Longacre asked us to take care of their dog Shamus while they are away on vacation this week. They live just down the road from us. All we have to do is walk or drive down to their house and feed and water Shamus every morning. Easy right? HA! I got there later than I planned today, (the morning got away from me a bit.) I finally made it down there at about 9:30am. I am planning to grocery shop today, so I got myself all ready for the day and headed down to take care of good ol' Shamus. In and out, that was the plan. I got him his food first which he immediately started devouring. I then took his water dish into the house to fill in the kitchen sink. After filling it, I noticed that there was a small, yet steady stream of water still flowing from the spigot. I was pretty sure I had turnd the water all the way off. Hmmmm? I decided to take Shamus his water, then come back to try and fix the problem. Boy was I in for a surprise! I checked both the hot and cold water handles and pushed them all the way back to the off position. Still the water flowed. I turned them on and then off again...water still flowing. I realized that the hot water handle was the culprit, so I began fiddling with it to try and make the water stop. BAM! The handle flew off and hot water started spewing EVERYWHERE. Panicking, I tried to get the handle back on to contain the explosion, but to no avail. I tried for the next 5 minutes to stop the water, but my efforts were in vain. I had left my cell phone in the car, so I ran out and quickly dialed my husband's number. He is at school today, so I knew there was a good chance I woudn't catch him in between classes. No answer. Grrrrr! I really did not want to bother Dave and Debby on their vacation, especially not with the news that I was currently flooding their kitchen! Swallowing my pride, I dialed Dave's number. "Hi Dave, it's Melody, how are you? Ummmm, where's the water shut-off for your kitchen sink?" "Under the sink." Dave replied. "DUH MEL!" I thought to myself. EVERYONE knows that. For crying out loud, even I know that, but in my state of panic, I forgot. Thankfully, Dave was very understanding, and I assured him I would clean up the mess. Now, whether or not they will ever ask me to take care of their dog again remains to be seen. :0P I got the water turned off, mopped up the floor, and returned home soaking wet. Now I cannot stop laughing about it! LOL.