Thursday, October 21, 2010 | By: Melody Joy King

Bucket List

Bucket List:

1. Fly on an airplane

2. Have coffee and a nice long chat with Beth Moore

3. Sing “Long Live the King” onstage with Aaron Shust

4. Go to Prince Edward Island in Canada

5. Visit the O’Hara Family in Fresno, California

6. Teach Pre-K

7. Go to the Beach with Justin

8. Become a Mother

9. Adopt and Orphan

10. Get better at playing the Piano and learn to play the Guitar and Cello

11. Sing and share about God

12. Learn to manage the disorder I have well

13. Visit Kristi in Germany for 2 weeks

14. Go on a Cruise

15. Learn to Dance

16. Learn to drive a motorcycle

17. Learn to Knit

18. Teach Music and Dance to children free of charge

19. Learn to Sew

20. Become an Auto Mechanic

21. See “The Phantom of the Opera” from the front row on Broadway

22. Live and serve in another country for a year

23. Swim with a Dolphin

24. Become more disciplined every day. “Discipline is the price of freedom.”

25. Love and serve Jesus Christ and others with everything I’ve got more and more every day!